Our goal is to make your investment in digital technology an asset, not a burden. Utilizing your intraoral scanner, you can send us digital impression files (.STL) to our in-house digital design & milling center. Restorations are completed by one of our 10-year+ veteran technicians. We currently accept digital files via:

Going digital saves everyone time, and it also saves you money! We provide a discount for cases sent via digital impression.


Our process is simple, effective, and fast:


After your intraoral scan is complete, export the digital impression file (.STL) to Mountain Dental Lab


We download the digital impression, design, mill, and complete the restoration, all in-house

Not sure how to send a digital impression file or use your intraoral scanner? No worries!

We will guide you through the process - just give us a call at 855-704-0894 to schedule a time.


Your completed restoration is delivered in half the time as a traditional impression restoration




  1. Log in to your CEREC Connect Portal on your scanner or online

  2. Click on "My Account" and then "Search Labs" 

  3. Enter our name "Mountain Dental Lab" or enter our zip code "28715"

  4. Select our lab and click on the yellow "add" button



  1. Log in to your Carestream account on your scanner or online

  2. Search for "Mountain Dental Lab" or enter our email address, ""  

  3. We verify the account and send a confirmation email.



  1. Log in to your Dental Wings Account on your scanner or online

  2. Locate the case you wish to send

  3. Download the .STL file

  4. Submit to Mountain Dental Lab

Let's Get Digital

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Mountain Dental Lab

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Mountain Dental Lab in Asheville is a member of the NC Dental Laboratory Association
George Zoller, Co-Owner of Mountain Dental Lab, is a 30 Year Certified Dental Technician in North Carolina and in South Carolina

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